The Boat House at the Riverhead – Auckland’s best wedding venue  

The Boat House Overview

The Boat House is one of the rarest venues to get married in Auckland because it contains a dock which is attached to the venue. This totally means that the bridal couple can reach there via boat and make the experience a memorable one. The Boat House is situated at the Riverhead and made up of elegant wooden floors, white walls, a window covering from bottom to top which help the guests to witness the best views above the river.

About The Boat House Venue

If you are willing to get married in a unique way around oat trees, and beautiful garden then The Boat House at the Riverhead is the perfect location for you. It provides you an amazing atmosphere for romantic function and reception. The Boat House is a ceremony space at the Riverhead. If you’re looking to have your reception in the outdoors, then space under the huge Oaktree around the water with canapes and champagne in the special blue room is perfect for you. Alternative options are also there for severe weather conditions. Boat House will provide you with an awesome atmosphere with exceptional views and a team of professionals will assess you in through your whole special and will make sure all your dreams and wishes come true.

Design of The Boat House

The Boat House is precisely built and can surely be called an architectural masterpiece. The place has a special temperature controlling feature which can help in both summer and winters.


Final Words

The boat house is just 30 mins drive away from Central Auckland and you have plenty of alternatives to reach there which includes through boat, helicopters, or by car. This unique venue can make your special day a dream come true moment.

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